Defrag Album Artwork
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Defrag's album artwork "Drown" is about a choking soul held captive in flesh and bone.

Jeff Dodson, aka "Defrag", asked Onesize Director Rogier to come up with a design for his new album, "DROWN". Defrag's glitchy, dark and underground digital music inspired Rogier to design a rather bright image, which shows a darkness inside: "the soul inside everyone is choking, drowning in life".

Photography: Done. by Tjeerd Derkink.

Client Defrag / Hymen records
Date Maart 2014
Role Concept, Design
  • Production Details

    Booklet: outside

  • Production Details

    Booklet: inside

  • Production Details

    Inlay: outside and inside

  • Production Details

    Digital concepts. (design research)

  • Production Details

    Digital concepts. (design research)

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