Dutch Military Air Force TVC
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TV & Cinema spot

Following a recommendation, we were asked by agency Steam and the Dutch Defence department to work with renowned film director Martin Koolhoven on three TV commercials aimed at recruiting technicians for The Marines, Air Force and Ground Forces.
Our vision for a raw cinematic graphics package helped realise Martin’s idea to portray the technician as the hero behind the scenes. With wireframes and fast mechanic animations we got the right look and feel for the animation.
Because the graphics had to be true to reality and scientifically accurate, we had to do a lot of research on location, where we conducted interviews with military experts while scouting. The result is raw, dark, gritty and often explosive.
Because the commercials will also play in cinemas, we delivered our work in 2k resolution to fit the big screen. 

Client Steam / ArtCore
Date Januari 2015
Role Design, Animation, Post Production
Audio RECsound
Format 2K
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    Marines TVC

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    Ground Forces TVC

  • Production Details

    Martin Koolhoven in the belly of the beast.

  • Production Details

    Shooting the Apache

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