FITC 2013 Title Sequence
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Onesize and GMUNK create a "pyradical" trip for FITC Amsterdam 2013

We created these titles based on the creative direction and designs by Mr Bradley G Munkowitz (aka GMUNK).

Since Bradley was already working on the creative for the print campaign of FITC Amsterdam 2013, and we loved his design work, we decided to step in and give FITC a complete and cohesive visual package instead of visually creating something completely new or different.

And so here it is - our "Pyradical" main titles for FITC Amsterdam 2013. Pure disco! (More info at

Based upon the original (Vimeo Staff Pick) FITC Amsterdam title sequence, which includes a sound track produced by MassiveMusic and design by Gmunk, this music video was created for Ferro+Chrome, who originally composed the track for the FITC title sequence. Brian M Gosset ( did the type font design.

You can download/buy the full track here:

Client FITC
Date Februari 2013
Role Production, Animation, Creation
Audio MassiveMusic
Format HD
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    Production Details

    Adaptation of the FITC titles, translated into an actual Music Video for Ferro+Chrome. The track is titled: "WE"

  • Production Details

    Working on the CG tunnel.

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