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Introducing the new 2013/2014 Spurs kit.

Since 2012, Under Armour has supplied the official kit for London football club Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs). Firing up their brand awareness in Europe and introducing the new 2013/2014 kit, the Baltimore-based company chose Onesize as a partner to produce and direct six viral films live on the web, in-store and on screens at Spurs’ White Hart Lane stadium.

For the launch of the 2013 kit, the Under Armour creative team came up with a concept and script that involved casting actual Spurs fans and Spurs players. Onesize suggested a raw and gritty visual style. A handheld documentary approach was a perfect fit to communicate the rawness and power of Spurs

In the end, all athletes we shot were used in the film, mainly due to the transfer of star player Gareth Bale. The dailies were brought back to the Onesize Amsterdam HQ, where the complete post-production process, down to final delivery, was done in-house.

Date Juli 2013
Role Production, Direction, Post Production
Audio White Noise Lab
Format HD
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    This 15 second version stars Defoe.

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    This 15 second version stars Dawson.

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    This 15 second version stars Walker.

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    This 15 second version stars Friedel.

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    Calling All Spurs Animatic & "Shotlist"

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