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Designing and animating Characters for Warde in "Home is a quest"<

LeoBurnett Lebanon asked us to animate a film for Warde, the biggest reseller of fabrics in the Middle East and Africa.

Our challenge was to create a world made of fabric in which all kinds of animals are on a quest for home.

This 60-second, fully CG-animated commercial was our debut in character animation. The peaceful story, colourful imagery and enchanting music (our friends at MassiveMusic Amsterdam created the custom soundtrack) all together made this film an epic assignment for us.

Client Leo Burnett
Date Maart 2013
Role Design, Direction, Animation, Production
Audio MassiveMusic
Format HD 1080p
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    Production Details

    From sketch to final film; this is how we did it. (In a nutshell)

  • Production Details

    "Home is a quest" storyboard frame.

  • Production Details

    "Home is a quest" character development.

  • Production Details

    "Home is a quest" character development.

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